SEO - Easy Search Engine Optimization strategies, tips and tricks.
SEO - Easy Search Engine Optimization tips and tricks.

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SEO : Easy Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, SEO Strategies, Seo Tips and SEO Tricks. SEO-Worlwide will deliver outstanding search engine marketing results.

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SEO Articles

  The Tao Of SEO
  Basic SEO
  Choosing Keywords
  On Page Optimization
  Listed In Google in under...
  Off Page Optimization
  Analyzing The Top Ranked...
  How To; Banned By Google
  How To;UnBanned By Google
  SEO and PR - What’s the...
  Meta Tags
  SE Scoring System Revealed
  Getting #1 in Google & MSN
  Ecommerce & SEO
  Shopping Carts & SEO
  Easy SEO in 6 Steps
  Secret To Great Rankings
  HTML and SEO Optmization
  Top 6 Reason to Have RSS...
  Is my SEO working?
  SEO - 3 Rules for Success
  Threading Your Keywords
  Images and Alt Tags
  Benefits of CSS
  Clean Up Your Code
  Build SEO Links
  When Being Optimized...
  How Real SEO Analysis Works
  SEO - The Truth Behind...
  Page Titles
  Linking Structure
  Keyword Density
  External Linking
  Google Pagerank
  Bank Links
  Press Releases
  Forum Signatures
  Passing Google Pagerank
  Link Exchanges - Part 1
  Link Exchanges - Part 2
  Reciprical Link Scams
  Keyword Phrases
  Letting the SEO Expert Do...
  Doorway Pages
  One Way Web Links
  10 Important Web Design...
  World of Website Promotion
  Blogs: Hidden Ace Up Your...
  Writing Articles for Rankings
  8 Ways to Get Free...
  Keywords and SEO:
  Beware of Fake SEO's
  Strategic RSS Positioning
  Keeping Google Happy
  Creating a Links Directory
  SEO - What Not To Do
  The SEO Rip-Off
  Adsense/Adwords - Profit...
  Optimized Flash - Can it be...

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Finding secure hosting that is both reliable yet reasonably priced can be a daunting task given the wide range of companies offering secure web site hosting today.

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Search Engine Marketing: It's ALL About RESULTS. Period.

Search engine marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can deliver large numbers of qualified Internet surfers to your website. But that's just the start. A comprehensive SEM and SEO Optimization campaign should also aim to persuade internet surfers to take the specific actions you want them to take. Your SEM/SEO campaigns with the right metrics and analytics to drive ongoing improvements will increase your online marketing ROI (Return on Investment).

Search Engine Optimization | Internet Marketing | Web Developer - Cheap domain name registration, renewal and transfers - Free SSL Certificates - Web Hosting

Search Engine Optimization | Internet Marketing | Web Developer

Summary of SEO, Business Development, Affiliate Marketing, Content Development and Writing and Marketing acumen to secure a contract position within a start-up or established organization.

• Develop and improve websites to enhance natural search rankings
• Landing Pages
• Website Analysis, Research and Recommendations
• Search engine submissions
• Keyword Research and Content Integration, metatags, page title/descriptions and site architecture
• Competitive Analysis and SEO Optimization Updating
• Work with Design and Code Teams to ensure Design and Coding maintains SEO Standards set forth
• Create, Manage and Update Link Exchange Programs, Keyword Rankings and Indexed Pages
• Manage SEO knowledge, Updates and Practices to Implement new SEO strategies
• Affiliate Marketing, Business Development Partnerships, Extensive Press, B2C & B2B Research, Create Buzz and channels for selling
• Write Online and Offline Materials
Marketing and Affiliate Manager
• Manage affiliate partnerships, affiliate programs & write affiliate content, to include: affiliate web page, reviews, copy and emails
• Define, contact and close new affiliate partners
• Optimize existing affiliates, increase placement and convert traffic
• Create and launch incentive programs
Business Development Manager
• Write marketing collaterals with partners, their end users and resellers
• Create online alliance programs
• Write implementation process and alliance partner content
• National & International Business Development Markets
• Verticals include, Marketing, Branding, Advertising, Telecommunications, ASP’s, ISP’s & E-Marketplaces
• Research, Define & Implement marketing strategies for partnerships
• Research new business opportunities
• Intensive Account Management
Additional Skills
Proficient in MS Office, Contact Software Programs, the Internet, Resourceful & Tenacious, Detail Oriented,Thrive in Team and Autonomous Settings, Self motivated, Excellent Prioritization and Multitasking Skills
Expertise includes:
• Developing and improving websites to enhance natural search rankings
• Landing Pages
• Website Analysis, Research and Recommendations
• Search engine submissions
• Keyword Research and Content Integration, metatags, page title/descriptions and site architecture
• Competitive Analysis and SEO Optimization Updates
• Work with Design and Code Teams to ensure Design and Coding maintains SEO Standards set forth
• Create, Manage and Update Link Exchange Programs, Keyword Rankings and Indexed Pages
• Manage SEO knowledge, Updates and Practices to Implement new SEO strategies



Server/Internet Applications ::

Internet Marketing Manager with 6 years SEO experience on optimizing websites for the Top Search Engines, Directories.
SEO project structure is as follows::
1. Keyword, Market and Content Analysis
2. Keyword Selection and Testing
3. Title + Meta Tag creation
4. Anchor Text Creation
5. Content Analysis and Advice
6. Search Engine Submission
7. Link Building
8. Other Web Advertising Research
9. PPC Analysis and Set-up.
All the professional tools and software available is at my location and NO free software and/or free web tools are used to guarantee success. Deadlines are met, provide professional work, cooperation and customer satisfaction are .
Obviously should you be interested in using my skills details Project Plan would be created at the start of the project. Full Regular Keyword positioning per search engine will be provided to monitor the success of the project.

Search Engine Optimization | Internet Marketing | Web Developer

SEO / SEM Specialist

Web Design, web strategy and promotion, search engine optimization

Experienced and professional full-service web designer available for freelance, part-time, full-time or occasional project work.

Offering ::

Web Design
Site Promotion
Graphic Design
Flash Animation
Site Management
Design Consultation
Web Design Instruction
Search Engine Optimization
Creative Conceptual Development
Logo, Banner Development & Identity Design
Freelance digital photography & photo editing


Html, Dhtml, JavaScript, CSS, SEO.
Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Fireworks, Flash, Powerpoint, etc.

Professional experience:

2000 - Present : Freelance web designer.

Web Site Design

Proven ability to achieve the web pages that download quickly, have clean images, and easy site navigation — bringing desired messages to a target audience with the utmost clarity and impact.
Make key people an important part of the design process. From the first draft to the final product, view the web page design in progress and get feedback immediately, ultimately saving time and money.
Handle all web page design needs such as:
• Entire site, design template, or home page only
• Optional search-engine friendly design templates
• HTML coding, style sheets, JavaScript
• GIF images: navigation buttons, image maps, mastheads, and other graphic images
• Photos: scanning, retouching, and file compression for quick download time
• Animation: GIF and Flash

Web Usability

Testing the effectiveness of sites using real web surfers in real time with real queries of choice, in a controlled and monitored human environment.
Instruction and questionnaire form devised with client's end-goals, and applied to all test subjects.
Overall assessments provided for browsing experience on client’s web site - including ease of navigation, number of clicks to complete goals, level of understanding, and impressions of the site before and after testing.

Search Engine Optimization

An effective web site can generally be found on the major search engines and directories. Having problems getting sites found in the major search engines, there can be problems with keyword selection, site architecture, and link popularity. The findability package includes an analysis of:
• Visible elements: graphics, text, keywords, title tags, and links
• Invisible elements: meta-tag keywords, meta-tag description, alternative text
• Site architecture: includes HTML, style sheets, and scripting
All search engine marketing begins with keyword research. Do the necessary keyword research to determine the best search engine and directory keyword phrases for a business. The most effective search engine marketing campaigns have a combination of: effective keyword selection, optimal keyword placement, and solid link development.


The digital marketing medium is still unclear to many marketers, but it will soon become familiar, with new and additional benefits.
To achieve real value creation, e-marketing means applying the traditional marketing framework, using different tools and delivery methods.
Using interactive platforms for marketing purposes and provide rewarding results as a consequence.
eMarketing services :

digital promotions
bulletin board advertisements
eMail campaigns (strategy, concept, execution, result and follow-up)
data capturing, database management and segmenting

Creative Banner Ads

Provide a wide assortment of banner designs, in all file formats, that fall within the guidelines of major search engine and directory sites. Select the banner type that's best or get a specific estimate for the project.
• Standard animated or non-animated banners
• Rich media banners
• Flash banners
Provide banner designs in a wide range of shapes and sizes, especially those allowed in advertisements on major search engines, directories, portals, and other industry-specific web sites.

Corporate Identity

Centralize sites graphic needs. Many graphic design, print and web design projects that require several specialty services. Custom photo scanning and/or retouching for print advertising, web advertising, and other promotional materials.
Placing items from a print catalog into an e-commerce web site. Convert the graphic images in a catalog for quick-to-download quality photos, formatted specifically for web sites.
Unique drawings, symbols, and icons for print advertising, web advertising, packaging, and other promotional materials.

Corporate Presentations

Whether you are about to plan your next trade-fair, product launch, keynote speech or need a fantastic looking PowerPoint template, bring your message alive.
Digital presentation is unique in its ability to add great visual and audio stimulation to a message, whether it needs to stand alone or work as a support function.

Flash and Multimedia

Bring a site to life by adding flash, shockwave, audio, video, slideshows, animation, music and virtual reality. Reward viewers with interesting, exciting, interactive pages and they will keep coming back.
Interactivity - Flash, Shockwave
Audio - digitizing, recording, .wav, .aiff, .au, .ra formats
Video - digitizing, recording, .mov .avi, .mpeg formats
Streaming - RealPlayer, Shockwave, Flash, Quicktime
Slideshows - self running slides and presentations
Music - original composition, MIDI files
Animation - animated GIFS, Flash, Shockwave
Graphics - original graphic design, photography
Virtual Reality - Apple Quicktime Virtual Reality
A website can create a tremendous impact by using interactive media to get your message across. Why just send a static brochure when you can send your customers an interactive disk, CD, CD business card, or DVD.

Search Engine Optimization | Internet Marketing | Web Developer

Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing, Web Design

Contact Form Information

  • If you are a retailer and considering an Ecommerce Website to market your services or products?
  • Considering updating your existing website with an exciting new design?
  • Your existing website is not bringing your business the sales leads or exposure you were hoping for?
  • Your regional target market is Vancouver, Kelowna, Okanagan Valley, or other parts of Canada or USA?

Let us know what you need! - With solutions that are proven and work!

Please complete the form below or send a quick email to We will contact you shortly.

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Unleash The Full Power of Online Press Releases For A Surge In Traffic!
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Submit To Thousands of Directories, Search Engines, and Classifieds!
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SEO Strategies, Tips and Tricks

The Tao Of SEO  

It is all pretty zen really. Forget your profound metaphors of trees falling in the forest and the sound of single hands clapping. If you are on the web and can’t be found then are you really there at all?

Sure your website may well be the design statement of your generation. The flash interface worthy of a Pixar showreel. Your mission statement inspirational and your prices unsurpassed. But, and it is a big but, who the hell is going to know if you are hidden away in some dark corner of the dubya dubya dubya? Your mum was right. If you’re not prepared to blow your own trumpet then no one else will. Hide your site and unless you have very deep pockets to plug your URL to the world it will never deliver any meaningful return on investment.

Unfortunately many bean counters take this as a failure of the medium rather than of its application. Better to piss money up against familiar walls than think through the issues. Web marketing is still just basic marketing. It is important to understand that the four P’s (Place, Promotion, Price, and Product.) still apply they just have different elements and emphasis online.

The Place of importance is not a post code but rather a placing on the search results screen of a Google or Yahoo. For many it is indeed page one or oblivion. It is important to remember that these things rarely happen by accident.

Most discussion regarding search engine marketing tends to traditionally revolve around Promotion. Getting your site noticed by search engines is often difficult enough but getting higher rankings than your competitor without paying through the nose is often the true art. Most search engines now incorporate some form of paid listing using a pay per click model of some sort or other. Examples of these include Overture and Google Adwords. Increasingly web site owners are being encouraged to migrate to paid listings as the continual revision and refinement of the algorithms used to compile the free listings often arbitrarily cause dramatic fluctuations in the search results. A phenomena referred to in our office as the Google Dance.

Once upon a time search engine optimisation meant little more than sprinkling keywords through a pages meta tags and manually submitting your site to the various directories on offer. These days you are lucky if a search engine even looks at them. The Google revolution sparked the explosion in so-called relevance driven search technology. This movement fed on the frustration of users poisoned by the often dubious methods used by some website operators to gain high listings through misleading meta information and sneaky redirections. The result was a raising of the bar in search services as the listings became more useful and the world was Googlised. Recently, however, the increasing contamination of the search results with paid listings has tended to dilute the perceived integrity of the service. Indeed this has lead to Microsoft and Ask Jeeves making noises about abandoning paid listings altogether ( July 5th 2004). Given the imminent public float of Google it will be interesting to observe their response to this tactic.

Paid listings can be an effective complimentary tool in helping to boost your referral rates from search engines however they can never replace a high free listing result. Web users recognise them for what they are - paid advertisements. Like banner ads and advertorials they have their place in the web marketing mix however limiting your search engine strategy to paid listings is short sighted. To maximise your effectiveness in search engines you need to look at how your web site is set up as a whole.

On the web the Price element is often more meaningfully expressed in the inverse. That is the cost savings involved in time, money and effort to research are often of greater importance to a prospective buyer than the sticker price of the product itself. Let’s face it the vast majority of bricks and mortar companies are not going to be turned on their head by e-commerce. For every Virgin Blue there are a hundred widget manufacturers. It is not just about getting seen. It is about being found by the right people. Delivering motivated window shoppers to be exposed to your sales pitch and convinced to pick up the phone, walk in the door or send in an email enquiry.

Search engines are the key. What key terms are your potential customers searching for and how well does your site attract them? It is important to remember that for most companies the product of their web site is not the inventory in their warehouses. It is the information about that inventory and the provision of a convenient means of accessing it. Amazon is an online giant not because its books are bound better than anyone else’s or the stories contained within are better than the same title from the discount bookseller down the road. It is successful because it delivers it’s information product so well. If you doubt the importance of search engines in this process try typing a book title into Google and viewing the results. Smart marketers refine and update their optimization strategies for new products, brands and opportunities.

Ultimately it will be your sites content that determines its long term success however without effective search engine optimization to begin with they may never find it in the first place. Good search engine optimisation requires more effort than simply implementing a working website. It is about doing the little fiddly, time consuming and tedious things above and beyond that which is required to produce an operational web site. This is why so many websites perform badly in search engines. Unless you are informed and motivated you just don’t bother. Sometimes this could mean abandoning (or at least winding back) the multimedia extravaganza that your art director had planned, but experienced web marketers know that good design is about more than just gimmicks and search engine optimisation can still deliver striking sites. It is just that the optimised site is constructed to be appealing to the robotic eyes of the search engine indexing spider as it trawls through the site as well.

There is a cost to search engine optimization in this way, however there is also a cost to not doing it. The importance of search engines in the mindset of consumers is more than just a trend. Microsoft and Sensis are spending millions to get into the act as they can see it is the future. Whether your business is prepared for it will depend upon how attractive it is under the search terms that describe your core business. Try this experiment. Think up the core term (or terms) that describe your business best and plug it into Google (pages from Australia) together with your city (eg. Web Design Melbourne) and view the results. Who is there? If you are not ask your self why and how many people are you missing?

People don’t just stumble on web sites. They search for them. Poor old forgetful Jan’s boss should have remembered this. Long after the latest printed directory of either colour is consigned to propping up the wonky leg of the work bench in the garage, your website investment can continue to work for you. Provided that is that you take the time and effort to look after it. This means fresh relevant content and search engine optimisation strategies consistently applied.

About the Author

Tim Giles is a Pre Marketing Consultant for Enedia ( Enedia's client's include Ansearch (, an Australian search engine and directory.

SEO Strategies, Tips and Tricks

Basic SEO for your Webpage

You see, a properly optimized website, is like a magnet to search engines and attracts Website visitors the same way moths are attracted to a light bulb on a dark night, and this sort of traffic that you get from the Search Engines is called "Organic Search Engine Traffic".

Organic Search Engine Traffic is simply put, "Type-In Traffic". People arrive at your website because they typed in a keyword or a phrase that is relevant to your website, and because your site was properly optimized, your site shows up in the first few positions of the search results and gets the click-thru from the searcher.

Your Basic SEO(Search Engine Optimization) works on these parameters. If you get just some of them right, You'll be able to rank far better than Sites which are not using these parameters.

Keyword Density (How many times you should repeat your keywords on your pages)

Keyword Prominence (Where you should place your keywords on your pages)

Link Density

Link Prominence

Using h1 and h2 tags AND what they are

Using meta keywords AND what they are

The number of internal links on web page

The number of external links on web page

The age of website

Now You can use Free Tool like to analyze all of these parameters.
The main question is how to analyze. You know, In personal Development There is something Called Modeling. In which You model yourself from the Successful Man/Woman.
This is exactly what you need to do with Good Keywords. Use it to Analyzer your competition.

~ Check out the top 5 sites in Google for your keyword.

~ Open Good Keywords WebPage Explorer.

~ Input the URL for your competition

~ Here you'll be able to see Different Views on that Webpage i.e. Text, HTML code, Keywords used etc.

Well this is exactly what you need. Now With other tools in Good Keywords you can check the site's Link popularity. Try it, it's one of the best tools around. Or what you can do is get this
SEO tool.

Anyways lets start the process of SEO-ing Your Webpage

1. Put your main keyword, and secondary keywords in your Keywords Meta tag. No more than 7-8 keywords should be placed.

2. Put your Description loaded with secondary keyword and Main keywords in Description Meta Tag.

3. Put a Good descriptive Benefit with Keywords in your Title Tag.4. You can use any Keyword density your article/text allows you to.

5. Link to one of the good Site related to that article with your keywords in it.

6. Search for Link partners. Use your Main and Secondary keywords in Incoming Links.

7. Link back to your home page(if it's not your Home page) with main keyword.

Click Here For More Info

About the Author

Follow Me as I tell You How can Learn How to create Income online in 4 weeks.
Varun Pratap

SEO Strategies, Tips and Tricks

Choosing Keywords to Optimize for

Please read this report entirely, I know it is a lot but EVERY word is essential to ranking well in search engines.

Before you start reading I want YOU to erase EVERYTHING you have learned about search engine optimization. I want YOU to erase everything BAD as well as GOOD, because with this report you will learn everything from scratch. Also before you begin, if you're NOT 100% serious about getting your website to the top of Google, don't read another word.

I promise you that this FREE report will be a turning point for you and your website. YOU will learn everything you need and more! I will teach those SO CALLED "secrets" that have helped people rank #1 on the major search engines and directories like Google, yahoo, msn, AOL, AltaVista, and more.

I am sure that by reading this report COMPLETELY and by giving a 110% EFFORT you will see a "way" that is incredibly powerful due to a few simple factors all working together. The end result is an explosive way to get your website on fire and drive non-stop traffic from all those search engines, THIS YEAR for FREE!

After working on the internet for many years I have concluded that EXPLOSIVE LASER TARGETED TRAFFIC is easy to receive but it’s a secret that the BIG DOGS are not telling us! Traffic is the secret to wealth and will make a product sell incredibly fast and be insanely profitable. To get this kind of traffic you must have a webpage that is ranked very well in the main search engines, that’s it! I have kept you long enough just to see if you are dedicated to REALLY turning your website and life around. Now without further ado I would like to give you a brief list of what I will cover in this report. Enjoy!

1. Choosing "THE" keywords to optimize for
2. On-page optimization
3. Getting Listed In Google in Under 24-Hours!
4. Off-page Optimization
5. Analyzing the Top Ranked Website on Google
6. How TO GET banned by Google!

These 6 simple courses are going to turn this report into pure gold for you. You should read one of these 6 courses EVERY day so that you can have enough time to "digest" all the information and put them to the test. Now today is DAY #1 and I will start with the first course on the list:

Choosing "THE" keywords to optimize for

1) The first step in search engine optimization is choosing the right keywords that you want to rank well for on the search engines. This is very easy to do nonetheless many webmasters FAIL HERE! Ok for this course I will be using a website about "jokes" as an example. First you need to use the very powerful keyword tool that Overture offers, you can see it here:

2) Now the second step is to put "jokes" and search for it in the overture keyword tool. The results that I received are shown here:

Count Search Term
927525 joke
116589 funny joke
65099 blonde joke
60135 dirty joke
47577 joke of the day
38086 good joke
37347 yo mama joke
35360 joke online prank
30615 clean funny joke

As you can see there are thousands of searches done monthly using these keywords and by ranking well in search engines you can get all these visitors for FREE! Wait don’t get too excited and DONT try to rank for the keyword "joke" because if you search in Google for that keyword you will find out that there are more than 15 MILLION pages competing for that specific keyword! So what do you do? Well start small and target less competitive keywords to get some good traffic to begin with and then target the "BIG FISH"! Alright for example you can target the keyword "yo mama joke" which is searched for approximately 37347 times every month and YET there are only 310,000 pages competing for it! You CAN rank very well for this keyword and be on the FIRST page to receive more than 30,000 hits to your website every month. That’s 1000 visitors everyday for one keyword FREE!

3) We have chosen a keyword that is not very competitive but gets quite a lot of searches and it is "yo mama jokes". You can choose a few other keywords like "blonde joke" which has less than 1 million pages competing. And "joke online prank" with only 200,000 competitors.

4) Now take a few minutes to think of a keyword that is related to your website and repeat steps 1 to 3. It's easy and wont take more than a few minutes. Choose the right keywords and wait for lesson two!

WOW I must have you thinking now, what if you start competing for the more competitive keywords later and get even more visitors! Well you can once you master this and you will hit the million page views mark in no time. This won’t happen overnight nor will it happen in days. This will take weeks of hard work but the end result is EXPLOSIVE LASER TARGETED TRAFFIC for FREE.

"Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago." - Warren Buffett (Berkshire Hathaway's Billionaire Chairman)

Please don't pass over what I've told you so far without much thought. It took me years and thousands of dollars to finally pinpoint these simple ideas. Sometimes the simplest things that stare us in the face are the hardest to find. The single most important thing I've learned over the years is that simple makes money.

Take a few minutes everyday to read the courses and try them on your website. All this information is FREE so why not spend some time and learn it? You have nothing to lose.

Follow the simple instructions in every course and you’re done! Don't let the simplicity of this fool you. The power of this is IN the simplicity. 99% of webmasters don’t know this because of how simple it is. You have the opportunity to receive THOUSANDS even MILLIONS of EXPLOSIVE LASER TARGETED TRAFFIC with this simple report and do it all for FREE with just a little of work.

If you would like to contact me anytime and either complain (why would you!) or give me your testimonial then feel free to do so anytime. I'm there if you need any more help also.

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Ahmed Omran is an experienced webmaster and marketer who owns Virtual Design - custom Webdesign and Home Based Business Revo

SEO Strategies, Tips and Tricks

On-page Optimization

Yesterday you should have read the first course out of 6 courses that will help you get a TOP rank in the search engines and get EXPLOSIVE LASER TARGETED TRAFFIC for Free. Today we move on to course #2 and study on-page optimization. Please read today's course very carefully and take some time to test what I'm about to tell you on your own webpage. Alright let’s start!

On-page optimization

1) Now we have selected the keywords that we want to optimize for. If you remember from yesterday, the keywords we selected were yo mama joke, blonde joke, and joke online prank.

2) The first part of optimizing your website is to pay close attention to the title on your webpage. The title which appears at the top of the internet explorer page is essential to ranking well in search engines. You must choose a title that contains the MAIN keywords that you want to optimize for. Here is a list of possible titles and which one works BEST.

A. Welcome to our website! (This title doesn’t contain any of the main keywords and is the worst thing you can put. DO NOT use this!)
B. yo mama joke blonde joke and joke online prank (Although this title contains the keywords it contains too much words and makes no sense to the visitors. DO NOT use this!)
C. Yo Mama Joke | Blonde Joke Online (As you can see there are less words and I have replaced one of the "ands" with a "|". I have also combined words. This keyword rich and understandable title is what you SHOULD USE!)

3) The second step in on-page optimization is making sure you have meta-tags on your page. The description part of your meta-tags are used by google so make sure to include a good description of your website and throw in the MAIN keywords that you want to optimize for. Here's an example description:

"A website bringing you lots of jokes including yo mama joke, blonde joke, joke online prank, and more."

If you want a free meta-tag generator then visit:

4) The third step is the BODY of your webpage; if your webpage has a good keyword density then you will rank well. Keyword density is the number of times a keyword is used in your page. Let's say your webpage has 500 words and you use the keyword "yo mama joke" 25 times then you have a keyword density of 5%. A keyword density of 5-10% is good. So you should try to throw in your MAIN keyword a few times every now and then BUT make sure it makes sense because people will be visiting your website!

5) Now there are many other factors that will help you to rank well in search engines. These factors are < h1 > header tags, < h2 > header tags, Bolding, italicizing, underlining, and < alt > image tags. If you include your keyword in a < h1 > tag then you will tell the search engines that this keyword is important and you will boost the strength of that specific keyword. Using the keyword in < h2 > tags and bolding, italicizing, etc will also give the keyword strength.

Last tip for the day is that search engines read pages from the top left hand side of the page to the bottom right hand side of the page. So make sure that your MAIN keywords are at the top of the page as well as at the bottom.

Tomorrow I will teach you to Get Listed In Google in Under 24-Hours! This will be an exciting day for you I promise!

If you would like to contact me anytime and either complain (why would you!) or give me your testimonial then feel free to do so anytime. I'm there if you need any more help also.

About the Author

Ahmed Omran is an experienced webmaster and marketer who owns Virtual Design - custom Webdesign and Home Based Business Revo

SEO Strategies, Tips and Tricks

Getting Listed In Google in Under 24-Hours!

Yesterday you should have read the second course out of 6 courses that will help you get a TOP rank in the search engines and get EXPLOSIVE LASER TARGETED TRAFFIC for Free. Today we move on to course #3 and reveal how to Get Listed In Google in Under 24-Hours! Today is a short course but it's one that you must have been waiting for. This information sells for $100+ elsewhere but its just info and I'm willing to tell you for free. Now let’s get started.

Getting Listed In Google in Under 24-Hours!

Getting listed in search engines will only happen if the search engine spider finds your website. There are many ways that this spider can find you site; one way is by submitting your website to the search engine to be crawled. This method is VERY BAD because the search engines will take months just to include your page. There's a much faster way, the faster way is if the spider finds your website by following a link from another website.

If you can manage to convince a website that is in google to link to you then you will be indexed by the search engines in no time. But how do you get into google in 24 hours? Well the answer is simple. Google spiders index the top websites very often and if you can get one of those top websites to link to you then you will be indexed in less than a day. Google ranks websites by page rank, if you download their toolbar you can see that a small green bar appears and displays what rank a page is once you visit it. Websites that have a page rank (PR) of 7 get indexed very often and if your link is on their website then you can be sure to find your website in google the next day!

Your website doesn't have to be on the homepage of these "Topnotch websites" you can even submit your link to their links directory and the spider will crawl those pages too. Just search google for a keyword that is related to your website and look at the first few website to see their PR, if you find a site with a PR of 6 or 7 that has a links directory then it's your lucky day!

Now you know this little secret that some people sell for hundreds of dollars and you might be thinking "it's so simple and pathetic! How can they sell this stuff?" Well they write huge e-books about the little secrets that not many know about and entice people to buy them by writing catchy sales letters. The simplicity of this explains why many people don’t know these secrets, they search for a BIG secret but frankly there is none. That’s it!

Tomorrow I will discuss Off-page Optimization and how it is the #1 factor in determining your position in search engines! This will be an exciting day for you I promise (Just like today)!

If you would like to contact me anytime and either complain (why would you!) or give me your testimonial then feel free to do so anytime. I'm there if you need any more help also.

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Ahmed Omran is an experienced webmaster and marketer who owns Virtual Design - custom Webdesign and Home Based Business Revo

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Off-page Optimization

Yesterday you should have read the third course out of 6 courses that will help you get a TOP rank in the search engines and get EXPLOSIVE LASER TARGETED TRAFFIC for Free. Today we move on to course #4 and study off-page Optimization. Please read today's course very carefully and take some time to test what I'm about to tell you on your own webpage. Alright let’s start!

Off-page Optimization

Unfortunately optimizing your WebPages is not enough; the search engines have developed a "system" where the ranking of a website is determined by its "Link Popularity". This system was first developed by Google and now many other search engines like yahoo search and msn are doing the same. So to get a top page ranking you must get as many websites linking to you as possible. Before I tell you how to increase your link popularity I have to tell you about the other major factors in off-page optimization.

1) Anchor Text: This is the text that is hyperlinked to send people to your website. Anchor text MUST contain a few of your main keywords because google uses it to determine your websites relevance to a particular topic.

2) The website that links to you: If the website that links to you is related to your site then that’s a huge bonus to you. So look for websites that are related to your website's topic.

You now know that it's vital that you use an anchor text that includes your main keywords. For example if you remember from day2, the title that I chose was "Yo Mama Joke | Blonde Joke Online". Now a good anchor text that can include my main keywords would be that title! You also should know that in order to get a good ranking you must seek out websites that are closely related to your own website and get them to link to you.

To get your website on "its feet" you can start by submitting your website to popular directories. These directories are free but you can always pay for a guaranteed placement ($$). Now I have here some links that should be more than enough to get you started.
This website has links to hundreds of Search engine friendly free directories that you can add you link to. Beside each directory you can see the PR, this is very useful. (PR 9!) YOU MUST submit your site to the Open Directory Project. (PR 8!) YOU MUST submit your site to Zeal, by being in their directory you will be indexed by LookSmart.

Now the next step is to look for link partners. I can't stress this enough, you have to find partners with websites related to your own website. What I have here are four link-exchange directories that you can sign up to and start exchanging links with people. These are great and will get you hundreds of sites that may link to you. I suggest you install a link directory script on your website and add all the websites that you want to exchange links with. After adding their link just send them an email and approach them professionally. You can use an email like this:
Hello my name is Ahmed Omran. I am seeking out possible link partners that our visitors would be interesting in visiting. I've found your website to be a very good fit for our visitors. I have already gone ahead and added your link to our links page at:

I am contacting you to see if it is ok to have done so. Also, I would like to ask if you mind linking back to us. If so, please use the linking details below and send me the location of our link on your website.

Here are our linking details:

We've got several PR6 and 7 websites, so we expect this site to become at least a PR5 within 1 month and will eventually become a 6 or 7 in 2-3 months.

I hope this can be a way for us to benefit our visitors with excellent content. Hope to hear from you soon.

Ahmed Omran

Alright here are some great link-exchange services:

You need to work hard during this process because getting many links is not an easy task but its well worth it! That's it for today.

Tomorrow I will teach you how to analyze the Top Ranked Website on Google to outrank them! This will be an exciting day for you I promise (Every day is exciting)!

If you would like to contact me anytime and either complain (why would you!) or give me your testimonial then feel free to do so anytime. I'm there if you need any more help also.

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Ahmed Omran is an experienced webmaster and marketer who owns Virtual Design - custom Webdesign and Home Based Business Revo

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Analyzing the Top Ranked Website on Google

Yesterday you should have read the forth course out of 6 courses that will help you get a TOP rank in the search engines and get EXPLOSIVE LASER TARGETED TRAFFIC for Free. Today we move on to course #5 and study analyzing the Top Ranked Website on Google. Please read today's course very carefully and take some time to test what I'm about to tell you on your own webpage. Alright let’s start!

Analyzing the Top Ranked Website on Google

I won’t take you through today's course step by step because it's just too much and most of it is common sense. Now to analyze the top ranking websites all you have to do is search in google for the keywords that you chose to optimize. The results are the websites that you are competing with. Open each page and study why you think they are ranking so well. Look back to previous courses and see what on-page methods they use. Just write down what on-page factors they have decided to use and use this information to rank better than them by doing what they do and a little more. For example if they have their main keywords in < h1 > tags but don’t have them in < h2 > tags then you can do both.

The most important analysis you need to do if of their off-page optimization. I suggest you use Instant Position's free link popularity check to look up your competitors and see who's linking to them. Then you can go to these websites and request a link also! Here's the tool:

It's not easy to outrank your competitors and the reason is that they must be good at SE optimization to have received that rank. So you need some time and effort to reach the TOP but YOU can do it and there's no doubt in that.

Tomorrow I will teach you How TO GET banned by Google!! This will be an exciting day for you I promise (if you want to get banned that is!)

If you would like to contact me anytime and either complain (why would you!) or give me your testimonial then feel free to do so anytime. I'm there if you need any more help also.

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Ahmed Omran is an experienced webmaster and marketer who owns Virtual Design - custom Webdesign and Home Based Business Revo

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How TO GET banned by Google!

Yesterday you should have read the fifth course out of 6 courses that will help you get a TOP rank in the search engines and get EXPLOSIVE LASER TARGETED TRAFFIC for Free. Today we move on to course #6 and study how to get banned by google! Please read today's course very carefully and take some time to test what I'm about to tell you on your own webpage. Alright let’s start!

How TO GET banned by Google!

Now this course is here to make sure that you don’t screw up and get your website banned by google. If you search in google one day for your website and don’t find it then you're probably banned. Another way to see this is by downloading the google toolbar, if you visit your website and instead of showing you a PR it shows a completely grey bar then you're banned for sure. Now the best CURE for disease is prevention so I'll show you how to get banned and you will consecutively stay away from these methods and everyone lives happily ever after.

1) Hidden Text: If you have text on your websites that is the same colour as the background and can't be seen then you WILL get banned.

2) Alt image tag spamming: If you use too many of the same word in the alt tag of an image then you WILL be banned. An example is this:
Someone puts their mouse over an image on your site and they see "graphic design,graphic design,design,graphic,graphic design tips,graphic design tutorials,graphic design downloads,graphic design forum,graphic design links,graphic design pictures"

3) Meta Tag Stuffing: DO NOT repeat the same keyword too many times in your met tags, if you do so you WILL get banned. An example of this a website that want to rank well for design so they use this: < META NAME="KEYWORDS" CONTENT="design,designs,designed,design,DESIGN,design,graphic design,design tips,design downloads,design design,design forever,design bs,DESIGN," >

4) Title Tag Stuffing
Using too many words in your title tag is wrong and won't help you rank well; it will only get you banned. Many sites use this and are therefore not in google anymore. Just use a few words and you are fine. Stuffing 20 words in the title is a VERY bad idea.

So basically don't STUFF your website and you're fine!

You have finally graduate from the SEO 6 day course! I hope this course has tought you everything you needed to know and a bit more.

If you would like to contact me anytime and either complain (why would you!) or give me your testimonial then feel free to do so anytime. I'm there if you need any more help also.

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Ahmed Omran is an experienced webmaster and marketer who owns Virtual Design - custom Webdesign and Home Based Business Revo

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Out of Exile: How to get un-banned from Google

I am banned from Google...Help!

What did you do to get banned? Can you get un-banned? Yes! But first you need to know what you did to get banned. Google will not tell you. A sure sign you have been banned is that your web site is missing a page rank. By, that I mean the PR bar is Gray. That is usually the first indication. To double check that, enter into Google. Replace “" with your URL. If it there are no pages indexed, that is a good sign your site has been removed from Google (if your pages were indexed beforehand). Also try to see if your back links are still listed on Google. If your site is banned they will be removed as well.

Read through the following list. If any of these ring a bell, you should change them ASAP.


Yes, people still do it whether it was intentional or not. Some newcomers get confused in regard to legal, productive ways to help boost their keyword percentage and spam. The keyword tag with too many keywords or keywords repeated too many times is spam. Comment tags are for comments, not for keywords. Your description tag is for a description. Yes, keywords should be in it. However, it should not be blatantly "chocked full" of keywords. Insistently, the keywords in your description should reflect that particular page, not your entire site. Each page has its own keywords.

Another way to spam is to hide text. Creating text and making it the same color as the background is spam. Spam can sometimes be unintentional. If your site repeats the same words over and over it can be seen as spam. For example let’s say your site sells airline tickets. Your site may state that you sell "tickets to New York", "tickets to San Francisco", "tickets to Indiana", etc. If you list all 50 states with the word “tickets" attached…that’s spam!


If you own several domain names and have them redirect to one, that is bad SEO. The only redirect allowed is a 301 redirect. It should only be used to redirect an old site to a newer site (old domain to a new domain). This tells Google that it is a “permanent” re-direct.

Linking to bad neighbors:

A bad neighbor is a site that is considered to use Black Hat SEO methods.
These can hurt you big time. Some examples of bad neighbors are…
1Free-for-all link farms
2Adult web sites
3Gambling web sites
4Sites that have multiple categories to link to.

It is hard to undo links to bad neighbors. You can try to check your back links and try to find the bad neighbors. Then, try to see if they will remove your link. It usually takes a large amount of bad links to hurt you. If you stick to sites that are related to you and your industry, you will likely be ok. Sometimes people search for an easy way to generate one way links by turning to directories. These can do a lot more bad than good. Plus, many are automated, making removal next to impossible

Duplicated Content:

This falls under the spam rule listed above. Basically, if you create a page and then duplicate it throughout your own site, it will hurt you. If your site is large, you can use this free tool it will help you locate duplicated content on the web. You won’t be penalized if your content (i.e. articles) is syndicated to other sites, only if it is repeated on the same domain. You can use similar content on pages. Google does not tell us the percentage of content that is considered to be spam so I would suggest you keep it below 15%.


Sometimes this is inserted improperly. The robot.txt file is a set of instructions for search engine spiders. It tells them what to index or not to index. This file resides in your root directory. If the tag is incorrect it could prevent all search engines, not just Google, from indexing your site. Or, in some cases, removing it from the search engine index altogether. If inserted properly you should be able to located it by to validate that your robot file is in proper order. Visit this site: for more utility options. For more info on how to properly format your robot tag, visit .

These are some of the major things to look out for. If you have been banned from Google, go through this list one problem at a time. After you have made the corrections, contact Google. If you still have problems you may need to start all over with a new domain.

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SEO and PR - What’s the difference?

Lots of websites owners are aiming to get a high PR or page rank. They are using the page rank of a site to determine its popularity. Others are hiring individuals to build inbound links for them just to get a high PR while others are paying a lot of money to other companies for link building campaign.

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization” and not “Page Rank Optimization”. Website’s owners should be aware of it. Having a high pr does not mean having a high search engine placement for competitive keyword or phrase as well.

Search engine optimization requires a lot of web site tweaking and customization aside from inbound links. Every page of your site should target a main keyword or phrase and the content of every page should support the targeted keyword from title to body content.

Consider making a research about proximity, prominence and keyword density as well for optimizing your web site’s pages. Once you finished optimizing every page of your site then that’s the time for you to plan your link building campaign as well.

Few web sites with related content pointing to your site has a better impact or points compare to dozen inbound links without any relation to your site.

I will discuss about different kinds of building inbound links on my next article……

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By Greatone
Owner and Founder of Good work needs not to be expensive.

SEO Strategies, Tips and Tricks

Meta Tags and How to Use Them

Meta tags are still very important for SEO (search engine optimization) and in this tutorial you will learn how to use meta tags constructively and how to place them on your own website. When you have finished creating your meta tags and they are uploaded to the internet visit Widexl Meta Tag Analyzer which will help you improve your meta tags.

<TITLE>Meta Tag Tutorial
<meta name="keywords" content="meta tag, guide, tutorial">

<u><link rev="made" href=""></u>

This tag tells the search engine or curious user the email address of author of the website. It is a good idea to include this tag, especially if you sell your webmaster services to others.

<u><meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"></u>

This tells the search engines and browsers the document character set, see the W3 Character Set Documentation for more information.

<u><meta name="keywords" content="keyword 1, keyword 2, keyword 3"></u>

Use these tags to list the different keywords you would like search engines to list you for. Select relevant keywords to the content on your site. It is important to have a high keyword relevancy and a good keyword density.

<u><meta name="description" content="User Friendly description of your website."></u>

Use this meta tag to describe your website. This should be user friendly because many search engines display this text as the description of your website.

<u><meta name="author" content="Your Full Name"></u>

This tag should be included so that you can claim credit for the site and as information services (like Alexa) may list this information.

<u><meta name="robots" content="Index, Follow"></u>

This tag plays two parts, the first part is to tell a search engine whether or not to index the current page and the next is to tell it whether or not to follow links on the page. The possible values are: Index, NoIndex & Follow, NoFollow.

<u><meta name="revisit-after" content="2 Days"></u>

This tells the Robot how long to wait before it revisits the page.

<u><meta name="language" content="en-uk"></u>

This tells the search engines and browsers what language the page is in.

<u><meta name="rating" content="General"></u>

This classifies the rating of your page. Possible values are; General, 14 years, Restricted, Mature.

<u><meta name="distribution" content="global"></u>

This tag is optional as most webmasters want their site to be viewed worldwide. However, if your site is relevant only locally then this may be a good opportunity to use this tag.

<u><title>Title of page</title></u>

Although this is not a meta tag is should be treated with care. It should be used as an extension of the keywords of the page yet user-friendly.


Use all the tags above and follow the guidelines and a large amount of your search engine optimization is complete. Although large companies will hire professionals for the job smaller companies do it themselves as it is relatively simple. Meta tags are a vital part of the search engine optimization process. The rumour that they are now not important is not true, as Google, the search engine giant, has mentioned in the SEO section on its website.

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Benjamin Wigoder is a part-time webmaster who has proven that anybody can be successful on the web.

Visit for more info on website building.

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Search Engine Scoring System Revealed

This article covers TITLE TAGS, MAIN BODY CONTENT, and META TAGS (which is what you see below).

Well-designed sites make the sales! Take some time to seriously evaluate your website and follow the steps in this article, that will help you for achieving high ranking in all the important search engines to you more visitors. If you can implement the methods decribed in this article, you should have no problem getting a fairly high ranking (but I cannot guarenttee that you will get the highest rank possible). All tips are categorized according to its area.

Search enginges give more importance to some items in their ranking algortithims. Following is a list of what items are given the most importance to items that have the least importance, in search engine rankings.

TITLE . 2.0
BOLD or ITALIC . 0.4
ALT TAG . 0.2

TITLE TAG . 2.0/10
The title tag is an important part of a website. It is basically a short description of the page, and the most important words should go first. Every HTML (web page) should have a title tags and all tags should be unique. It is recommended that you do not use the same tage for multiple documents. Some tips to keep in mind when creating title tags are:

* It should always appear immediately after the opening <HEAD> tag
* It should be specific keywords and phrases
* If you use the same keyword twice, do not use it right next to each other. (eg. <title> Professional Marketing Tips . Tips On Marketing>), and do not use one word more than twice.
* Titles should be between 5 . 12 words (less than 60 characters).
* Place primary keyword at the starting of the tag.
* Try to minimize/eliminate the use of commas in this tag.
* Strive for a keyword density of 25-35% for each keyword.
* Always remember to close the tag (</title>)
* All pages MUST have a unique and descriptive keyword phrase in the title.
* Do not change the tag regularly.

Use the following tips to increase the effectiveness of the main body text. These tips also cover Keyword prominience (1.0/10), Heading Tags (0.5/10), Proximity of Keywords (0.5/10), Bold or Italic (0.4/10), and Alt Tag (0.2/10)

* Make sure to put the most important keywords into a carefully crafted paragraph at the beginning of your HTML Page
* Keyword Density: If the page contains less than 500 words, keeping 1-3% of those words is better. If the page contains more than 500 words, keep 3-5% of the overall content.
* Try to keep the word count of anywhere between 250 . 750 words per page.
* Use CSS instead of font tags
* Get rid of JavaScript in the code, and instead use an external file.
* Keep image buttons as text links, or have image and text links.
* Repeat page title in a heading at the top of the page, if possible.
* Use heading tags (<h1>, <h2>, <h3>., <h6>). You can alter the way these tags look via CSS.
* Keyword proximity: It refers to the closeness between two or more keywords, Always try to group words together that might be searched on as a single phrase by a user.
* Place some important keywords in Bold or Italic.
* Use .Alt. tag to describe images.
* Make sure the code of the homepage is not greater than 32k.
* Try to keep max font size 11px or 12px. (2 or 3 in most web programs).
* Avoid the use of nested loops in <table> structure.
* Use W3C technologies and guidelines
* Update you body text at regular intervals, as many search engines prefer websites which are updated regularly.

META TAGS . Meta Description (0.3/10), Meta Keywords (0.1/10)

Meta Description

* Write it in sentence structure
* Should be relevant to the similat 25-30 words (under 150 characters) description of the first text on the visible page.
* Do not repeat keywords more than 3 times in the description tag, or use different forms of the keyword.
* Minimize the use of stop words such as .and., .the., .of., etc.
* Keyword phrases that appear earliest in the Meta description will generally receive higher ranking value.
* Try to include this tag in all pages by describing the content, and try to be unique in all descriptions.
* Don.t fill your descriptions with only keywords.
* Strive for 5-10% keyword density.

Meta Keywords

* Keep it less than 130 characters for better results.
* Start with the most important then least important.
* Use keywords/phrases.
* Do not repeat any one word more than three (3) times.
* Do not place repeated keywords together.
* Use keywords that will be actually found on the page, and ones that reflect the essence of your content.
* Try to use small case in keyword/phrases

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